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Who is QLI International

Just like every design and every creation QLI was brought to life by inspiration and talent.  From the beginning of each of our careers we strived for greatness, we strived for innovation and we strived for a customer fulfillment that allowed for trust and integrity. 

Without caring you do not have quality which is why we all agree that caring is the largest ingredient in what we do.

From design to installation and project management to transportation we believe that the entire journey is an art.  We ensure that every avenue, every step in the project is as important as the next.  We believe that the ripple effect is not only true for the good but also just as true for the bad. 

As a team who started in different areas of focus in our careers, we collectively bring many years’ experience in the FF&E and OS&E territory.  As a cooperative effort we marry our skills sets to provide the highest results for projects of any size. 

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